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Defending reusable nappies

Today I saw a post in the Observer that sought to answer a rather simple question: Is it wrong to use disposable nappies? The answer on environmental grounds is simply “no”; for the average household they have about the same environmental impact across their lifecycle as reusable ones bar the end of […]

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Reusable shopping bags in context

Looking beyond being green consumers
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What is the real impact of using nappies?

Comparison of the carbon footprint of using disposable and reusable nappies.
By |December 14th, 2013|Babies, Nappies|7 Comments
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3 ways to power your home with renewable energy with almost no extra cost

It's possible to have renewable power today without investing long term in a technology for your home.
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Being green and pragmatic

Too much information, lack of research and uncertainty makes it look like being a Green Parent is niche. It's not.
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